The truth between Free VPN and Paid VPN

the truth between free vpn and paid vpn

Free VPN is a big lie to everyone, though everybody love free stuff, when we choose a VPN service, we do the same thing,we consider the price.

You will see much VPN provider offer free VPN service,but is it real free?is there some issues?why they offer free service? How about their earnings?

For finding out all the questions,here we will discuss the difference between Free VPN and Paid VPN.

The free VPN we discuss here is not the free trial VPN service,it is total free VPN service.

To get free VPN service,you may do something they ask first,like a questionnaire,or promote their service to your friend,or input much more private information of you,or their service information is changing everyday and so on, in a word, it is a hard way to get a free VPN service.

The service of free VPN is not good as paid VPN,like the speed is slow,bad stability for the connection, limited bandwidth,limited protocols and limited servers,and maybe with freeVPN,you must endure all kinds of advertisement or get no support. in a word,you will not get the good performance with free VPN.

Some free VPN are even harmful,like they may sell your bandwidth even sell your private data,it is more hateful than without VPN, needless to say anonymity. Some companies will collect data logs on your browsing, app usage, things you buy online etc and use it to their own benefit or sell it to companies who use it for advertising purposes.There is more dislike situation,some monitor all of your activity and quite possibly gain access to your user accounts, bank information etc.

Contrary, paid VPN service will protect your private data,most of them will not store your logs,some may store it for just few days, the paid VPN service will hide your IP and encrypt all your data,no one can traffic it with paid VPN, you are real anonymous. You can bypass restrictions or blocks website like facebook and Netflix wherever you are.When you are watching videos,you will not worry about the speed with paid VPN service.

All in all,we recommend you to use paid VPN,Most paid VPN service providers will give you discount. you will find the best price VPN service for you,it will give you more sense of safety,we find some cheap but strong VPN service for you,you may like one of them.

1.PureVPN  $2.49/month

This company has 500 servers in 141 countries,it’s good for Windows,Mac,iOS and Android, they are good at protecting private data,there is no logs will be stored,the speed is also excellent. We believe this company,there is no doubt to choose this VPN service.

2.Private internet access  $3.33/month

Private internet access is still good as PureVPN, but their servers are just in 24 countries and 35 regions ,and the price of it is a little higher than PureVPN,so we put it after PureVPN.

3.Kepard VPN  $2.92/month

Though Kepard VPN is cheaper than Private internet access,they only has 8 servers in 8 countries, and it offer 15 days free trial.

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