VPN should not be a criminal tool, nor is dark network

Why we talk about this topic today? Yesterday I saw an article about Dark web. This article shocked me greatly. The content was full of blood, violence, and even more inhuman behavior to four-year old children. Those perverts use VPN services, Darknet, Tor, etc. as their own criminal tools for their selfish perverted purposes. So here I really stress that VPN should not be a criminal tool, nor is dark network.

What's the dark network

VPN is a tool that people often use to protect their privacy. It is becoming more and more popular. Many commercial companies also use VPN services to protect their interests and manage their internal data. VPN is a very good technology that can help many people.

At the beginning of the design of Tor, it was also to manage the network better and to maintain the order of the Internet. However, it was counterproductive. In particular, Darknet has now become a breeding ground for crimes.

With Tor, VPN services and bitcoin transactions, dark web  makes those criminals more unbridled, more perverted, and less human.

sold in deep web 2016

In the dark network, there are those who sell firearms and who sell drugs. Perhaps you have become accustomed to this. Poverty may have limited your imagination. On the dark network,you can see women selling , children selling, Child abuse live streaming, rape online, killing Webcast, various abuses of women and children broadcasted on the internet, and even raising children as dogs. When other people’s children are still in Mom’s arms, the cute babies in your screen are tied up with ropes and limbs are on the ground. I’m very angry about this. It is a normal thing for a dog or a cat, but after people has evolved adult, he is still treated like some animals, even not as good as animals,. This kind of thing is dehumanizing.

pervert behavior for kids

Here we have to reflect, but also hope that we can face VPN and dark network.VPN is not your excuses for crime Especially those who use these tools, please use your VPN properly and control your behavior with your ethical bottom line. Do not Violating your morality as if you are anonymous. People should have empathy. People should live in harmony. The Internet is one of the thousands of tools. It is guilty, but it is not original sin, because it is always people who do evil.

In turn, our lives are very happy compared to those people afflicted on the dark network. We should be Contentment and also need to remind ourselves and human being around you to Strictly abide by the law and create a peaceful world.

In the end, we sincerely hope that those who are living in extreme pain will either die peacefully or live happily.

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